Stag Do Shooting Activities in Slovenia

Activities that involve shooting are by far the most popular ones at stag parties. Though the use of automatic and semiautomatic weapons such as the AK4-7 is illegal in Slovenia, there are still some incredibly fun shooting activities you are able to enjoy here with your friends.

1. Paintball

One of the most booked Stag Do activities ever. Paintball is an outrageously fun game. It’s available both as an indoor and an outdoor activity, so you can always play it regardless of the weather. Both versions are located in Ljubljana and take no more than a 15 minute drive to reach from the center. To make the shooting even more fun, the outdoor version includes a funny costume and an extra challenge for the stag.   

Stag in a funny costume at a game of outdoor paintball      

2. Shooting Course

Another extremely popular activity. This one takes place in an indoor shooting range just minutes outside the town center of Ljubljana. You’ll be able to try four different guns, a small calibre, a 9 mm, a revolver and a shotgun. The range has 12 separate shooting stands, each with it’s own automated track of up to 25 m in length. The place is looked after by professional  instructors who will help those who are unfamiliar with handling a real gun and make sure you are safe at all times.    

Shooting with a pistol as part of the indoor shooting course        

3. Clay Pigeons

A bit more remote than the first two. This activity takes place on the edge of the regional park Kozjansko, which is about an hour and a half drive away from Ljubljana. Nevertheless it’s usually worth the trip as you’re able to shoot both still and moving targets, the latter being clays. You can rent the gun and the rest of the necessary equipment on the spot and the place also offers accommodations for those who’d like to spend the night.

That’s three shooting activities you can book for your Stag Party in Slovenia. Don’t hesitate to have a look at our website for more popular Stag Do activities.

Stag do ideas for spring in Slovenia

If you are organising a stag do in Slovenia in spring, here are some options what you can do while staying in Slovenia.

Spring is the perfect time of the year to celebrate anything, because it’s the time when the weather gets warmer and days longer. You can do so many outdoor activities, which are more exciting than the indoor ones.

Footgolf in Ljubljana

One of the them is definitely footgolf- a game, where you will combine 2 sports: golf and football. New game, which became very popular, especially for groups like stag do.

One of the most beautiful cities in Slovenia is definitely Bled. Spice up your trip a little bit and go for a ride on a sledding track. You won’t just see the lake and the castle, but you will also be able to admire a stunning view of mountains, forests and villages.

If you want to have the best stag do in Slovenia, then you need to wake up early and take a ride to Bovec, where is the best way to spend the day by rafting on one of the most beautiful rivers on the planet! Paddle like a team, party like a team :)

Another option is hydrospeed, which is a far more intense encounter with the wild water than you would have in rafting.  You can admire waterfalls, from where you will plunge into the crystal clear green water, while canyoning in Soča valley.

One of the attractions in Slovenia is also underground kayaking and cycling. You will be paddling through a flooded underground mine, while admiring incredible underground lakes. If you prefer cycling, you will go into abandoned mine tunnels, where you can prepare for a bumpy ride :)

If you want to know how birds fly, then you need to try paragliding. You will be flying over the valleys, hills and mountains with the feeling of pure freedom!

Paragliding in Slovenia = pure awesomeness!

If you think that’s too fresh and cold to be outside, some indoor activities are always available and also a great source of fun. Men never grow up, they just go to the bigger toys. Paintball and shooting course are great opportunities to awaken the joy from your childhood.

Even if it’s cold outside, drunk city tour with a comedian guide and lots of beer will make you feel warm. Or you can still go for some beer tasting, where you will try the best slovenian beers. If you prefer wine, we can also offer you some wine tasting.

If there is still snow you can go to the nearest ski resort, where you will be able to snowboard, ski and even sledge at night.

If you still don’t know what to do in the spring time, check out our web page for more info:

Funny Stag videos

Funny videos from Stag WeekendsEvery stag party needs to have some pranks for the stag. If you don’t know what to prepare or do, here are some funny videos and pranks, which will make your stag week even better! In every country, you will find a company, which organizes stag dos, so if you aren’t so good at this, you can contact them and they will be happy to help you. Everything will also look more realistic and the stag won’t know that everything is just a joke. :)

Stag do ideas for autumn in Slovenia

Celebrating stag do in autumn has its advantages and disadvantages. As it’s still warm outside, you can mostly do all the outdoor activities, including some water sports! If you don’t like hot summer water, canyoning would be one of the activities where you would feel the fresh water :) If you want to observe the beauty of the nature, then rafting is the great experience, where you can admire it. Not just water sports are an option for autumn outdoor activity, where you can see the most beautiful rivers, mountains… If you aren’t a lover of water sports, but still love adrenaline, then try zip-line. You will get a bird’s eye view of the wonders of the inaccessible canyon as you will sail across the steel cables stretched above the stunning cliffs, gorgeous rapids, roaring waterfalls and pristine pool over the Soča valley.

Besides that, one of the most beautiful cities in Slovenia is Bled, which is famous by having its own island. After summer sledging on the nearest hill you should explore the city: walk around the lake, admire the castle at night and try the cake Bled’s famous for - Kremšnita.

Stunning view of Bled lake

Outdoor activities are just one of the advantages for an autumn stag do. What is even better is that it’s not that crowded than in summer. And the flight tickets are cheaper as well :)

You have a variety of other activities to choose from on your stag do. If you’d rather be on the ground, or better under, then try cave kayaking. You will paddle through a flooded underground mine while admiring incredible underground lakes. You can even cycle through abandoned cave mines, if you prefer cycling.

If you like wine, this time of the year is the perfect for wine tour. A walk through beautiful vineyards, while tasting good slovenian wine and admiring the nature with remarkable view of the valley.

Wine Barrels as part of the Wine Tour

Mostly all of the activities are possible in autumn. Just some of them can’t be done, as the water or air are too cold. One of the disadvantages is also that days are shorter and nights longer and colder.

But you can still do some indoor activities in the city centre. Almost all are walking distance, which means that you won’t need any transfer :)

For more information, please check out our website and book a stag do trip.

How to get to Ljubljana and how much does it cost

(from UK, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium)

Organising a stag party it’s not that easy as it seems. If you decide to have a stag week in a foreign country, you need to organise the whole trip including the transfer. When it comes to transfer itself, it depends on where you are going and which kind of transportation is the cheapest, easiest and fastest. You can decide between travelling by car, bus, train or nonetheless - by plane.

Travelling from:

1. UK
If you are from UK, the easiest way to get to Ljubljana is by plane. It is the fastest and the cheapest way. One of the airline companies flies directly to Ljubljana airport. And the cost? In low season the return flight tickets are from 25€/per person.

2. Italy
As Italy is our bordering country, the best option is travelling by car. If you don’t have a car - train or bus are also an option. The costs for coming to Slovenia by car would be around 180€ for both ways, by train combined with bus around 90€/per person and by bus only 60€/per person.

3. Austria
Another bordering country, the same option like for Italy. Costs for travelling by car are around 100eur for both ways, bus 50eur/per person and train around 120eur/per person.

4. Germany
Germany isn’t that close to travel by car, so the best and easiest way is to go by plane. You will be charged from 150€ and up. If you don’t like flying, travel by train is the next solution. For 12 hours you will have to pay from 90€ and up.

5. Switzerland
If you are from Switzerland and you want to come to Ljubljana as quick as possible, then choose to travel by plane. It’s not the cheapest option, but it’s the quickest one. If you don’t like to fly, travelling by train will take up to 13 hours. Flight tickets are from 230€, train tickets 150€.

6. France
Definitely go with plane. There are also other options, but the journey would last for too long and would make you too tired to party hard in Ljubljana. You should consider coming by plane and tickets cost around 100€.

7. Belgium
Last but not least, is travelling from Belgium. Travelling by plane is the best solution and the tickets cost around 90€/per person.

If you have some other questions regarding Stag week in Ljubljana, visit our web page:

Must have mobile APPs when organising a stag do

During a Stag do in another country, it is especially good if you simplify the implementation of organisation your stag week. To make your life a little bit easier, here are listed some applications, which are a MUST when you are travelling in a foreign country.

- SplitWise (AppleStore, GooglePlay)is a WISE application, which splits all your costs. Really simple and easy for users. You just need to put the cost of the bill into the application, mark who paid the bill and the application will calculate how much everybody owes. One will pay the bill for the restaurant, another for some drinks,.. With this app you will know exactly how much you need to pay or get back. EASY!

- Google Maps (AppleStore, GooglePlay) - when you are in a new city and you don’t know where are located your activities, accommodation and everything else, this is the easiest way to orientate! Even better if you download some maps before your arrival into a new city, as you can never be sure if a WIFI connection will be available all the time ;)

- CurrencyExhange (AppleStore, GooglePlay) - if you are travelling to a country, which has a different currency, this is the best application, that will help you to calculate how much money is something worth. You will also get a feeling if it’s cheap or expensive.

- Google translate (AppleStore, GooglePlay) - if you want to impress a girl and say something in her language, download this application! :) It’s also good if you want to understand what means some words, for example if you are in a restaurant and you want to order a drink, but they have only local menus. 

- Uber (AppleStore, GooglePlay) - (if there is no UBER, download the application for taxi) this application will mean a world to you, especially when you will be going from a party back to your hotel. You will just smile, when you will see a big crowd in front of the club, who will be waiting for a taxi. It’s cheaper, easier and guaranteed. Even if you forget something in the taxi, it is much easier to get it back.

If you want to be ready when travelling abroad, those are some really good tips, which mustn’t be missed. Besides applications, if you need any help with organising a stag weekend in Slovenia, check our web page:

Stag Do Ideas for Summer in Slovenia

If you are looking for some ideas for a stag weekend in summer, here are a few options. Spend hot summer days in the midst of nature and freshen up in one of the most beautiful rivers on the planet! Try canyoning if you are interested in navigating through natural obstacles, such as natural slides and waterfalls. A great bonding experience for the whole group is definitely rafting. Just go with the (river) flow and enjoy the beautiful scenery nature has to offer. But if are looking for something crazy, exhilarating and out of this world, then you should try hydrospeeding, pure white water fun. Jump into action as you surf your way down the rapids, holding on to your hydrospeed.

Stag Do Hydrospeed in Slovenia

If you are a fan of hot summer days and swimsuits then the stag do isn't complete without wakeboarding –a mixture of snowboarding, water-skiing, surfing on water and lots of adrenaline.

But you have a variety of other activities to choose from on your stag do, besides water sports. How about spending your stag summer days in the air? Or enjoy a bird’s eye view of the natural wonders with a zipline! Continue your stag do journey in the air and go paragliding . Literally "touch the sky" and fly with the birds. That is an adventure you will surely never forget. A little too scary for you? No problem, re-create the feeling of free fall with indoor skydiving and let the adrenaline rush embrace you. 

Ziplining over the Učja Canyon in Bovec

But why should sky be the limit? You can stay on the ground or better yet, go beneath it. You can test your courage with other adrenaline-charged ground activities such as riding a downhill bike, downhill scooter and downhill go-kart and have a proper stag do adrenaline day . Then you can move underground and explore a mine with a constant temperature of 10°C, where you can get away from the outdoor heat. Or maybe not, if you grab a bike with your friends and go cave cycling through abandoned cave mines! Non-cyclist can jump into a kayak and paddle through a flooded underground mine while admiring incredible underground lakes.

Another big summer stag weekend attraction is the capital city Ljubljana, where you can have a party tour in a private boat or you can explore its surroundings from a stand up paddle board. You can also explore its hidden places and see the best attractions with a bike. If that is something you are interested in, you should join our stag bike tour!

After a long crazy stag do weekend you can escape to the countryside and visit Bled. But don't expect a boring sight-seeing tour. Since this is a stag do we'll take you on a ride with the sledding track that is situated on a ski slope along the chair lift and in the end you will test your courage with a Bag Jump!

For more information, please check out our website and book a stag do trip. 

Why is Slovenia perfect for an adventurous stag weekend?

If you are an adventurous type, then Slovenia is the perfect destination for your stag weekend!

Slovenia is a small yet very beautiful country that beholds many natural beauties which makes it the perfect locations for many stag do activities to get the adrenaline going..

Being a small country definitely has its advantages, especially when it comes to stag do planning - the country's natural assets are spread out in a relatively small area which makes the distances between the locations of stag do activities very short and easily accessible.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter - it doesn't matter in which season you are visiting Slovenia, there is always something to do! If you are a winter person - join us for a winter stag weekend in a ski resort, where you can ski, snowboard, snow bike and sledge by night! If you are not a fan of snow and enjoy more being in the midst of nature, than you should try rafting on one of the most beautiful rivers on the planet! The water lovers can spend their day canyoning, true adrenaline junkies can opt for hydro speeding or wake boarding

Canyoning in Slovenia

If this is not adventurous enough for you, there are many other stag do activities which will surely increase the level of adrenalin in your veins! Grab a downhill bike or a downhill scooter to shake your body, or maybe even a mountain go-kart if you are brave enough!

There are still some arses hidden in our sleeves, which will make your legs turn into jelly - spend your entire day in the air with a zip line adventure, continue with paragliding and end your exciting adrenaline journey with indoor skydiving.

It takes a brave man to do all that and a stag do is the perfect opportunity to test your manhood. Book your stag do here and do something crazy with a group of friends.

We believe you are courageous enough - Slovenia dares you!

Stag Do Ideas for Winter in Slovenia

Looking for ideas for winter stag do activities? It's quite simple. Snow, snow and again snow - that’s what winter is all about and so should be the stag do! Bring your warmest socks and let’s go skiing and snowboarding! Only a short 30 min drive from Ljubljana stands between you and ski slopes, appropriate for both recreational and professional skiers, as well as beginners. Why not making the stag party super unique? At night you can release your inner child and go sledging or snowbiking.

Snowboarding at Krvavec

But what if... are not the biggest fan of snow? Have fun with indoor stag do activities! Challenge your friends to a paintball match, race with them with go-karts, get the best score in a shooting course or bowl the most strikes during your bowling session! There are plenty of stag do activities you can choose from. 

And after such a long day of activities you should take time for yourself and enjoy a lazy and relaxing afternoon in one of our best spa centres, where you can refill your batteries, and regain your energy for the next adventure – a stag party in one of the hottest clubs in Ljubljana. 

Classic stag do challenge with a taste of role playing

We all know the classic stag party challenge–getting a phone number, a kiss, or a bra from an unknown girl on the street. It is so popular for a stag do because it proves the guy has what it takes to get any girl, but still wanting to marry that one special lady is the indication of true love.

We have decided to take this challenge to the next level to make it extra entertaining… by adding role playing and pickup lines.

In order to complete the task of getting a bra, a red-lipstick kiss, a lap dance, etc. you must use the prescribed pickup lines. Here are 3 potentially successful pickup line styles:

Celebrity style

While the rest of the team acts like bodyguards, the person must complete the challenge by acting like a super VIP. Check out this pickup line example:

“Do you know who I am? I don’t know how to put this… but, I’m kind of big deal. People know me.”
“Sometimes I would just like to be like a normal person. That’s why I came to Slovenia, where some people don’t know who I am.”
“I could make you a star. I can see the potential in you.” Look at your phone, start laughing and then say: "Sorry, Beckham is texting me drunk again. You probably know, the football player?”

Arnold Schwarzenegger style

Which girl wouldn't be persuaded by the Schwarzenegger's charm? We're sure these pickup lines will work for any situation.

“Hey, I’m here, it’s show time.”
“My name is Arnold.”
“Allow me to break the ice.”
“You are funny girl. I like you.”
“I’ll be back.”

Christian pickup style

If you are meeting a girl with a more conservative look, you can always go for the traditional pickup lines. Here are some of our favourites which will surely do the trick:

"Let's get married so that we can know each other... in the biblical sense, of course."
"My spiritual gift is my good looks... it lifts peoples spirits."
"You are perfect, except with all the sin. What's your name and number so I can add you to my "prayer" list?"
"Is it a sin that you stole my heart?"
"Look, you're nearly 22. Most Christians are 3 years into marriage by now... just settle for me."
"I didn't know angels flew this low."
"If we were around with Noah... then you, me... pair."

For more extraordinary, extra fun and extra entertaining stag party games and stag do challenges visit our website or check out our stag party blog. With our range of stag party activities the stag do will be a truly fun and out of the ordinary experience.

Just another crazy stag party game

When you are looking for some stag party games and ideas you will probably come across popular drinking games and the usual challenges for the groom-to-be. But if you want to do something out of the box for the stag do, the game called activity is probably not the one that first comes to your mind when looking for stag do games. You wouldn't believe what fun it is, if you do it our way. 

Crazy Stag Party in Ljubljana! 

Here are some tips for the stag-party activity challenge:

The goal, as with any other drinking game, is to drink or get someone else drunk as much as possible. The rules for this stag party version of the activity game are simple: Each player draws a card with a word. He then does his best to non-verbally present the item to the team. The one who isn't successful at portraying the word in time drinks.

And with our list of vocabulary items you are not only sure to get drunk, but also laugh your socks off. And since this is a stag do, the purpose of which is to prepare the groom for the marriage, we have prepared for you a list of the words for the adult version of the activity game. We call it the "Dirty Pantomime":

  • Strap-on
  • Camel Toe
  • Phone Sex
  • Bisexual
  • M.I.L.F.
  • Blow Up Doll
  • Bondage
  • Lap dance
  • Booty call
  • Lubricant
  • Virginity
  • Bukkake
  • Transsexual
  • Male stripper
  • Sex toy

Laughter is guaranteed and this will surely get the party started.

If you are looking for some ice-breakers for a stag party or any other stag do ideas, you can find more similar activities and suggestions on our website or our stag party blog.

6 Reasons why Guided Pub Crawl for the Stag Weekend is a Must!

The best way to really get to know the city and party hard at the same time is to go on a Stag Pub Crawl.  

Stag Party in Ljubljana 

Here's why pub crawling is a must for stag weekend:

1. First and the most obvious reason why fun is guaranteed on a guided Pub Crawl is the guide himself. A trustworthy party expert knows which pubs to visit in the evening and where to party at night.

2. In addition to his party skills, the Pub Crawl guide will entertain you all night, as well as make sure you arrive to your destination and back to the hotel safely.

3. You can customize your Pub Crawl experience by opting for extras, such as a striptease, VIP passes, or even having your very own female pub crawl guide(s).

4. Besides introducing you to the best pubs in town, the guide will prepare fun stag party challenges for the groom-to-be, as well as drinking games for the rest of the team.

5. The guided Pub Crawl package includes welcome shots, as well as free visits to the best clubs in the city, with the luxury of the VIP entrance.

6. And the best thing is that the guided Pub Crawl costs only 15€.


Book your guided Pub Crawl here >

Stag Ski Weekend in Slovenia

Why Slovenia?

Slovenia has everything you want for a great stag do. Here you can have the possibility of trying out a wide range of activities on the ground, as well as above and beneath it. Slovenia has the Alps, the Adriatic Sea and beaches, world-famous rivers, and spectacular lakes. It's just perfect for a stag weekend.

And the best part is that all these features are a 2 hour drive from the capital. You can go skiing at altitudes over 2,000 metres in the Alps one day and the Alps one day and visit the beach the next day. 

Snowbikers at Krvavec, Slovenia 

What to expect?

In addition to various locations Slovenia has to offer, there are also more varied activities you can do, especially in winter. Have you ever tried snowbiking or sledging by night?

And the price?

Slovenia is definitely a destination for a stag party on a budget. Holiday packages are a real bargain, but at the same time the services are of high quality. Ski resorts in Slovenia offer great runs and perfectly maintained slopes. For instance, on Krvavec, the closest ski slope to Ljubljana, you can try out the World Cup slalom black run and ski like a pro.

When to plan your stag do?

Depending on your preferences and activities you want to include in your stag week. If you want to have some fun on the snow, it is advisable to visit Slovenia from December to March.

Stag Ski Package for Slovenia

What better way to have fun on a stag do than skiing?

If you are a group of athletic guys, seeking adrenaline and adventure in order to test your manhood on a stag do, then skiing in Slovenia is truly the perfect choice for you.

You will start your stag skiing day with a departure from your hotel at around 9:30, which means you will have plenty of time to eat breakfast and have a cup coffee for extra energy. A van or a mini bus will then take you to the ski resort, just 30 minutes away from Ljubljana. Upon arrival, you'll meet your ski instructor, who will be with you for an hour to show you around and to make sure you rock on snow. After that, you'll have 5 hours of skiing left.

Skiing at Krvavec 

If you want your adventure to really be something special you can also rent a snow bike. But to make it even more extra-ordinary you can opt for snowbiking & sledging by night. In that case you'll depart from the hotel at 15:00 and come back at 20:00.

Skiing equipment is taken care of so all you need to pack are some basic essentials. In addition to what your mother would suggest packing, like some extra warm long underwear and woollen socks, it might also be a good idea to take a camera with you to record all your epic moves and a hip flask for hot tea (rum is optional when you are done skiing).

Skiing in the Alps is a unique experience and a great way to bond with your stag do friends, so why not booking your winter stag weekend in Slovenia.

Water activities in Slovenia

Are you a group of friends wanting to organize the most memorable stag do, but are not only into drinking and partying? Then Slovenia is just a place for you, as it offers great outdoor activities, where you and your friends can truly create memories for life.

So what makes Slovenia so wonderful, unbelievable and totally different from other stag do destinations? Well, water. Water on a stag do… Don't worry, you'll have plenty of beer as well, but water, rivers and wonderful nature in Slovenia also add to the adventure. Of course, the locals everywhere say their rivers and lakes are the most beautiful, but in Slovenia there is a river called Soča, which is by far the most beautiful, so much so that it made its name in Hollywood. Did you know that The Chronicles Of Narnia were filmed here.

Here are some challenging water sports and activities you can choose from for the stag do.

To begin with, the magnificent scenery in Slovenia is just perfect for rafting.

If you feel like rafting isn't getting the adrenalin going enough, then try hydrospeed. This will surely be one stag do you won't forget. 

Hydrospeed on the white waters of Slovenia

Canyons, gorges, natural slides and even waterfalls. An experienced guide can turn the stag weekend into a real water adventure.

They say a man's cave becomes a threat to the marriage or vice versa. To prevent this from happening to your friend getting married, learn this valuable lesson inside an actual cave. But since boys will be boys, even after they get married, this stag do activity isn't just another sight-seeing destination. Go cave kayaking.

Still not enough water activities? Then try out the most fun water sport there is – wakeboarding. See who is the best and who will sink the second they get on water.

Forget a boring tour guide on a tour bus! Enjoy the luxury of paddling through Ljubljana and go sight-seeing like never before. Honestly, in how many capital cities can you just SUP your way around? 

SUP down the slow streaming Ljubljanica 

Of course, you can always rent a private boat and explore the city in style.

Ljubljana for Stag do?

11 reasons why you should choose Ljubljana as your stag party destination.

Okay, your friend has finally found the love of his life and will soon start to behave like an adult (even though you still feel like the two of you have just finished high school). To get the most of his last few days of freedom, you are going to want to throw a great stag do! We assume you want it to be a great, unforgettable experience with hip parties, hot girls, nice weather and at reasonable prices. If so, Ljubljana is the top destination to do so.

A view of Ljubljana's town center 

1. Freshness, youth, uniqueness.

It’s not that we don’t like Eastern European party destinations like Prague and Budapest, but don’t you think they’re a bit worn out to be your stag do destination? Why not try something new for your friend’s (hopefully) very once in a lifetime experience? Although many people may not know much about Ljubljana, we are sure that will change within a few years. Don’t miss your chance to be the coolest best man!

2. Girls. Hot girls.

Wandering the streets of Ljubljana, shopping, sitting in bars or partying hard; I’d say girls here are 10/10 hot. Fact. No convincing needed. Come see for yourself, or even better, come see it with a bunch of your friends (but we suggest doing it before you start wearing your wedding rings).

3. Undiscovered capital = low prices!

Although Ljubljana has all the capital city features, prices here are still relatively low when it comes to stag partying. If you don’t have millions in your bank account but still want to throw a real stag do without thinking about prices, Ljubljana is the destination you are looking for.

4. Stunning nature with crazy outdoor activities

Slovenia offers eye-catching nature and after a crazy night of partying there’s nothing like spending the day outdoors. Ever tried rafting or canyoning? Why not at your stag do. In Slovenia, here we have many natural parks, nice weather and beautiful rivers. Take a day off and soak up some sun while having fun rafting in the Soča valley!

Kayaking on river Ljubljanica

5. Low-cost flights from all over Europe!

Flights from London to Ljubljana are extremely cheap. Pay less for the plane ticket and save money for the things that matter more in terms of stag party expectations. It’s always wiser to invest in wild stag do memories with friends rather than paying expensive fee’s for multiple airlines! Do we need to mention that the airport is located less than a 30 minute drive from Ljubljana?

6. No public transport needed also means no taxi issues after the stag party

I enjoy public transportation. Said no-one ever, regardless of how drunk they are after a wild stag party. Crowded buses and smelly underground stations in huge capitals are not only time consuming, but also money consuming. Waiting on a taxi after a night of partying can turn into a nightmare. The good news is that in Ljubljana you won’t need a taxi service! All the main tourist attractions are within walking distance from your accommodation in the city centre!

7. Too small to be dangerous, big enough to be appealing to you!

Comparing Ljubljana to other EU capitals the city is extremely safe. You won't have to worry about your jacket or wallet being stolen during parties. People here are extremely nice and always willing to help; even the taxi drivers! Not to mention the English language skills of the locals, which will surely surprise you in a good way!

8. Food.

Did you know that the neighbouring countries are Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Italy? Have you heard about the famous Italian pizza, gelatto and the oh-so-tasty Balkan dishes like “burek” and “čevapčiči”? Fortunately Slovenians took the best of them and this is why we would recommend trying the famous Kranjska sausage and other unique dishes! Ever heard about pizza-burek? Rumours say that its origin is from Slovenia, a great mix of Balkan and Italian impact!

Traditional Slovenian Plate with Tenderloin Pork and Štruklji 

9. It’s all about beer!

We have beer of course and many pubs where you have a wide selection so you can beer taste like a pro. Not only do we have many home brewed beers from local brewers, but we also have the traditional rivalry between two established brands: Union and Laško. Try them out on the stag do, join the rivalry and choose a side!

10. Picturesque and lively city centre

The city centre is alive! We are not talking about crowded shopping streets with famous stores like H&M, Zara and Starbucks. We are talking about many bars and restaurants near the Ljubljanica river and about people enjoying life with the view of the city! There is no need to hurry, just sit down, order your favourite drink (or two, or three) and relax. Nothing to worry about, you’re spending your time at the hottest stag do destination of the year!

11. Cheap!

In comparison to other major capitals on this side of Europe it is safe to say that Ljubljana has very cheap prices! The price of alcohol, club entry fees, taxi services and food are all very affordable.

Update: A lot of people were asking us if Ljubljana is also a great destination for a wedding. For wedding we recommend Lake Bled even more and it's less than 1 hour drive away! More info at

Travel company with financial protection.