Stag Do Ideas for Spring in Slovenia

If you are organising a stag do in Slovenia in spring, here are some options what you can do while staying in Slovenia.
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Blog Published December 7, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

Spring is the perfect time of the year to celebrate anything, because it’s the time when the weather gets warmer and days longer. You can do so many outdoor activities, which are more exciting than the indoor ones.

footgolf ljubljana stag
Footgolf in Ljubljana

One of the them is definitely footgolf– a game, where you will combine 2 sports: golf and football. New game, which became very popular, especially for groups like stag do.

One of the most beautiful cities in Slovenia is definitely Bled. Spice up your trip a little bit and go for a ride on a sledding track. You won’t just see the lake and the castle, but you will also be able to admire a stunning view of mountains, forests and villages.

If you want to have the best stag do in Slovenia, then you need to wake up early and take a ride to Bovec, where is the best way to spend the day by rafting on one of the most beautiful rivers on the planet! Paddle like a team, party like a team 🙂

Another option is hydrospeed, which is a far more intense encounter with the wild water than you would have in rafting.  You can admire waterfalls, from where you will plunge into the crystal clear green water, while canyoning in Soča valley.

One of the attractions in Slovenia is also underground kayaking and cycling. You will be paddling through a flooded underground mine, while admiring incredible underground lakes. If you prefer cycling, you will go into abandoned mine tunnels, where you can prepare for a bumpy ride 🙂

If you want to know how birds fly, then you need to try paragliding. You will be flying over the valleys, hills and mountains with the feeling of pure freedom!

stag paragliding ljubljana
Paragliding in Slovenia = pure awesomeness!

If you think that’s too fresh and cold to be outside, some indoor activities are always available and also a great source of fun. Men never grow up, they just go to the bigger toys. Paintball and shooting course are great opportunities to awaken the joy from your childhood.

Even if it’s cold outside, drunk city tour with a comedian guide and lots of beer will make you feel warm. Or you can still go for some beer tasting, where you will try the best slovenian beers. If you prefer wine, we can also offer you some wine tasting.

If there is still snow you can go to the nearest ski resort, where you will be able to snowboardski and even sledge at night.

If you still don’t know what to do in the spring time, check out our web page for more info:

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