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Blog Published December 7, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

Every stag party needs to have some pranks for the stag. If you don’t know what to prepare or do, here are some funny videos and pranks, which will make your stag week even better! In every country, you will find a company, which organizes stag dos, so if you aren’t so good at this, you can contact them and they will be happy to help you. Everything will also look more realistic and the stag won’t know that everything is just a joke. 🙂

1. Fake arrest is definitely one of the best pranks

Hire some actors and make your stag believe, that he is really being arrested. Even better, if you are travelling into foreign country and a company is helping you with the organization of your stag week, ask them if they have something like that. It’s much easier and looks more real 🙂 If not, you can do it by yourself.

Blindfolded bungee jumping can be really funny. Well, not so funny for your stag, but especially for everybody else 🙂 You can also prepare a small pool (you can use a swimming pool for children) and will he will have to jump. If you don’t know where and how to do it, check the websites of stag companies, maybe some of them do that kind of pranks 🙂

2. Roasting dinner

No words needed, haha, it’s so hilarious. And you can combine it with lots more 🙂

Of course as it’s his last night with the guys, prepare him some challenges which he will have to do during the night – week.

If you are still without ideas, check out our web page for some ideas:

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