Stag Party Nicknames Around the World

How do people call stag do around the world?
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Blog Published December 7, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

Getting married is a big deal and no wonder this important step in one’s life is celebrated with a proper stag party. This moment has always been marked by some sort of a ritual, special occasion or crazy party, in every society. 

Through time, in different countries this occasion has been marked by different customs, and of course, by different names.

The party which prepares the soon-to-be newlywed for the entering into a marriage is thus called differently around the world and some of the names for such a party are hilarious. Here is a brief summary:


German grooms-to-be celebrate their last nights before marriage with a fest called Junggesellenabschied, translating “farewell to bachelorhood.” 

In addition to this stag party there is also a party for the future husband and wife, called Polterabend, where the invited guests traditionally break old porcelain which is a symbol of good luck.


In France the bachelor party is called enterrement de vie de garçon, which means “the burial of the life as a boy”. 

United Kingdom and Ireland:

In the United Kingdom, a stag party often does not consist of a single night out, therefore, the phrases “stag weekend“, or “stag do” are frequently used.

United States and Canada:

In the United States, a party before getting married is called a bachelor party.


In Hungary people have a “legénybúcsú”, which, similarly to the above mentioned nicknames for stag parties, represents the last days of freedom, before tying the knot.


In Australia the bachelor party is called “bucks night”.

And Slovenia?

In Slovenia a stag party is called “fantovščina”, a derivative of the word “fant”, meaning a boy.

Whatever the naming, be it a bachelor partystag partyJunggesellenabschied, enterrement de vie de garçon, legénybúcsú, fantovščina, or even a stag do and stag weekend, one thing is for sure. All describe the same idea – a person celebrating the last days of “freedom”, before getting married and forever change their relationship status on Facebook 🙂

And this celebration almost always involves throwing a great party for the future husband. It is celebrated with close friends and some family members, accompanied by crazy tasks, drinking games and memorable moments. 

To be absolutely sure your stag party will truly turn out to be a unique, special, fun and once-in-a-lifetime event, wecan help you plan it here in Slovenia.

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