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We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about stag dos.
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Blog Published December 7, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

1. What is the objective of a stag do and how does it work?

The purpose of a stag do is to playfully celebrate the groom’s last day of freedom. This celebration involves a day of hilarious challenges and games that’ll ensure the groom will have a laughable lasting memory with his male friends before heading into a lifetime commitment. There are quite a few daytime activities in Ljubljana offering unforgettable experiences. Some of these activities include rafting, karting, paintballing, shooting course or a private pub crawl and many other options where you’re given the opportunity to make a fool of the stag in fun and creative ways. During the evening when the wild fun starts, his group of friends is guided to encourage the stag to complete uncomfortable but fun challenges despite being drunk. To end a perfect day, dinner at a top Ljubljana restaurant will be provided following one of our famous pub crawls. The pub crawl includes hilarious games and challenges for the groom while visiting Ljubljana’s top drinking spots. The last stop is at the best club in town where your group will be provided a private table in the VIP section!

beer tasting ljubljana
Stag Do Beer Tasting

2. Where to have a stag do.

A stag do can easily be celebrated in your home country or city, but given the chance why not take the opportunity to travel to Slovenia’s capital – this way you can combine partying and traveling all in one weekend. Not to mention being able to let loose and get wild in a foreign environment where no one knows your identity. Even if you plan on spending your day with nature outside of the city, you will definitely want to return to Slovenia’s capital just to experience the exciting nightlife. Remember what happens in Ljubljana stays in Ljubljana 😉

3. Stag do – Who throws it?

It is traditionally said that the best man should plan and throw the stag do, however it can also be done by the stag himself or a randomly selected guest. In the case that the privilege is yours, it’s important to keep in mind the stags wishes as well as all guests attending. We know planning a stag do can be a bit stressful so feel free to plan as a group rather than putting all the responsibility on one person!

4. Stag do – What does it cost?

The cost of your stag do is all dependent on what you and your group of friends are interested in. The best option is to make a note of all the activities you are interested in, that way you can notify us and we can put together pricing that works best for you. Some of the most common weekend expenses for stag do’s in Ljubljana include accommodation, flights, transportation, day and night activities, entrance fees (clubs, bars and strip clubs), drinks, food and costumes.

5. Are only men allowed at the stag do?
Yes, only men are allowed at the stag do. Believe us when we say there is absolutely no reason to bring the women with you.

6. Who to invite to the stag do.

When it comes to stag do guests, it’s best to ask the stag himself to present a list of friends he wants at his stag do – that way all guest conflicts are avoided. A good tip is to confirm with all guests attending through group email or a meeting before leaving for the weekend in Ljubljana.

7. What is the recommended duration of a stag do in Ljubljana?

A stag do can either be a night out, a day of activities and partying, or a full weekend of everything combined along with some quality chill time with the crew. We certainly recommend the weekend package!

8. What to tell the stag and what to keep a secret?

First of all, we recommend notifying your stag that there will be some traveling involved. It is also important to mention the night may start or end at a strip club. Some grooms like the idea of strippers while others are strongly against it, so it’s always best to get the approval! All activities, challenges and shenanigans are to be kept a secret, which becomes a pleasant surprise.
You should also hand him a list of things he should pack, or pack them for him. For example, if you are attending a water activity, he should bring a bathing suit. Or pack a bikini for him.

9. When to throw a stag do?

A stag do is usually thrown 10 days to a month prior to the wedding. Given the fact that groups usually include 6-12 guests, keep in mind that necessary reservations can take a couple days so please plan ahead!

10. Who pays for the stag do?

Who pays for the stag do is a matter of agreement. The full amount is usually split amongst each participant, except the stag. It is also important to create some sort of financial plan factoring all costs and possibilities prior to arriving in Ljubljana.

Don’t forget that with challenges properly thought through you can raise a decent amount of money – even for a bottle at the last club!

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