10 Tips for Organizing a Stag Do

Organize the best stag do ever!
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Blog Published December 7, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

1. Get contacts
First you need to know who is joining you at the stag party. Ask the stag to provide you with the list of people that he intends to invite. Its his last night so at least allow him to decide on something! Or maybe you can give him a hand and you guys can create the list together.

2. Book as soon as possible
Making decisions tends to take quite a while when more people are involved in making plans. Especially if you guys are busy working and tending to your friends and family. It’s a good idea to start planning far in advance – the sooner the better. Check with the guys and see how many days off you can take. Then try to book as soon as possible, at least 2-3 months in advance. Book the flights and accommodation first and continue with activities. That way you make sure you get the best deals and you don’t miss out on anything.

3. Decide where to go
There’s no doubt you are in for an epic treat if you guys decided on traveling abroad for your stag do. However if you are unable to take at least 2-3 days off and everybody in the group is not able to afford it, consider somewhere close by. But we all know all those crazy nights & memories happen somewhere far away from home where noone knows us and we let loose even more.

stag do choose destination slovenia
Choose your destination carefully

4. Cooperate with friends
You’re the one organizing everything for the whole group. Still try keep an open mind for suggestions from other people taking part in the stag do. Here’s why: you can get cool new ideas from them and then decide which ones work best for you. Try to keep everyone involved in the process of organizing the stag party. If everybody participates it will allow you to feel more connected as a team. It also means you will not end up doing everything on your own. Try to use e-mail, google docs or google sheets since it is easy to share with everyone. They are more likely to take their time and cooperate with you if you show some appreciation and patience.

5. Keep it a secret
The whole stag do should stay hidden from the stag and you’re the one in charge of that. Believe us when we say that there is nothing better than all of it being a surprise.

6. Get “the” permission
For many stag groups, getting a stripper is a must. But the thing with strippers is that not every future wife likes the fact that her fiancé is watching (or touching) strippers on his stag do. Give his bride-to-be a heads up and see if it’s okay to plan an erotic experience with strippers for the stag. Last thing you want are problems when you get back home.

stag do angry girlfriend ljubljana
Don’t upset the bride!

7. Getting help
There are plenty of agencies that can help you with your stag do – either they organize the whole trip or just some night/day activities at your destination. The decision is yours but if you want to surprise your friends with an epic stag weekend and enjoy it yourself we definitely recommend booking with a stag agency. They will make sure you guys have the weekend of your lives.

8. Create crazy challenges, pranks & games
Pranks, challenges and games are definitely going to help your stag party stand out and be even more amusing. In fact the main point is to embarrass and challenge the stag as much as possible in every single situation. Either doing daily activities, having lunch, sleeping, partying or just passing out, don’t let the stag rest. Keep him busy at all times. Do not forget that if you manage to come up with some cool challenge or game ideas you can also use them to earn extra cash by forcing the stag to perform them and impress the audience.

9. Keep an eye on the finances
One last delicate issue – finances. When booking the activities, providers might require some payment in advance. To avoid later disputes or cancellations, collect some money in advance. It’s very important that you take some extra money with you for unplanned expenses.
Also, send the financial plan to everyone. Make clear what is a common expense and which are the separate ones.

stag do finances slovenia
Plan your budget

10. Finalizing the process
Make sure you send the invitees a gentle reminder via email and inform them with the execution of the stag party. Emphasize the part of the night where you’ll need their help the most. On the big night, make sure you all take lots of pictures so you are able to go through all the awesome stuff that happened, since you won’t remember it. Collect all of the photos of the celebration (consider gathering them on google drive and later sharing them with everyone). Most importantly – have an epic time!

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10 Tips for Organizing a Stag Do

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