What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 9 Worst Stag Party Outcomes… And How to Prevent Them

Here are the top 9 misadventures that could (but when travelling with us most certainly will not) happen at your stag do.
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Blog Published December 7, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

We all know that when a bunch of guys attempt to get drunk, this can produce only 2 inevitable outcomes. The whole thing can either turn out to be the best night of your life, or you might feel completely disappointed, or even worse, completely disappointed and completely sober.

However, when it comes to stag do, this is the worst possible timing for something to ruin the special celebration. Here are the top 9 misadventures that could (but when travelling with us most certainly will not) happen at your stag do:

1) Logistics

Are there any volunteers for staying sober and driving everyone back to the hotel….ever?  Well maybe, but at a bachelor party, 99,9% times there are none. Who in the right mind would want to volunteer for such a task? Forget about all those silly games for deciding who the driver is. We will arrange a safe transfer for you. What is more, you can opt for a LIMO. For more info on the transfer, click here >

2) And then there is always someone that gets lost

Now that we have the whole transport issue covered, you should consider the fact that there is a reason why The Hangover movie is so popular. Probably because a lot of people can identify with the fact that there is always someone in the group that has a strong tendency of wandering off and getting lost. And the rest of the group spends the entire night trying to find the person, and before you know it they all reunite in the morning without having entered the night club. Or maybe some of your friends get a brilliant idea of having a little pre-party before hitting a night of drinks and fun and they somehow get lost. To prevent that from happening, we provide a guide, who makes sure everyone stays together and no man gets left behind.

3) The “dude, where’s my key” situation

In addition to the problem of people getting lost, there is an even more common problem, namely, things getting lost. Do you know the feeling when you go out and get a little too carried away and in the morning realize you have absolutely no idea where the key to your hotel room is or even if you took it with you in the first place? Spending the night in the hotel corridor is not the ideal situation and definitely not how one would imagine a stag party, so having a travel guide who can fix these problems is really important.

stag party hotel keyes ljubljana
Keep an eye on your keys!

4) Just another lost-and-found warning

Continuing with the issue on lost-and-found items, another thing worth reconsidering is the price of your phone. If you happen to have a brand-new cell-phone, for which you were waiting in line for 3 days, you might want to leave it at home and take your old one with you on this trip. Stag parties are known for wild adventures and the same goes for all the phones included. To make sure your phone does not end up in one such (mis)adventure, take your old one.

5) Embarrassing photos

Another great advantage of having your old phone with you is that you most probably will not be able to take great photos with it, so why bother posting something on Facebook if the photo resolution is so bad, no Instagram filter will help you improve it. Which brings us to the next point: have a no-photo-please trip if possible. After all, you would not want the world see all the crazy things you have done on your stag do, would you?

6) The phone bill

Apart from losing your phone and some embarrassing photos, another major expense can be an enormous phone bill. But there is a simple fix. An easy and budget-friendly solution is to buy a prepaid SIM card. This way, you will spend a lot less money and you cannot exceed the budget. Additionally, having all your genius ideas and brilliant text messages from the stag party collected in one place is a great souvenir. Furthermore, your girlfriend will not see the context of your messages. And having a SIM card with no phone number other than your friends’ who are with you on a stag do also prevents you from calling your girlfriend, your mum or your boss when you are intoxicated.

7) “Not now mum, we’re having a stag party!

Managing to stay out of trouble when calling people while you are drunk is great, but why not go a step further? If you want to spend your stag do away from your relatives, then opt for Slovenia, a country so small you can barely find it on the map, let alone find someone familiar there. After all, no one would want to run into their neighbours or parents at a stag party.

8) Being bored

Making sure you and your friends come up with a plan for a wonderful weekend full of adventures, funny tasks, drinking games, great activities and all the logistics that goes with it is… well, a bit unrealistic. And why should you carry the entire burden on your shoulders. You all are the people who are going to listen to martial problems for the rest of your life, so you deserve to have a great stag party for the final time just as much as the groom does (I’m joking, the marriage will be awesome, but still). Just let us do all the work, so you can enjoy the time off and truly bond. The only thing that is really up to you is to decide which stag do activities you like. Not sure what to choose? Check out a range of activities for some ideas. 

karting ljubljana indoor
Make sure you wont get bored and Book some fun activities!

9) A wardrobe malfunction

After selecting the activities you want to experience at your stag do, the final thing you have to do is simply pack your bags! What to pack? Well, you can expect some crazy adventures, so it might be a good idea to pack some extra outfits. Although, this sounds like listening to your mother, saying you should always pack an additional jumper and some spare socks just in case of bad weather, but packing a little extra clothes would not hurt (other than your back while carrying your backpack, but we have that part covered as well, because we offer excellent transfer from the airport to the hotel, so you need not worry about that). When you will be roaming the streets of an unknown country, doing those crazy stag party tasks, a spare hoodie will surely come in handy. So pack wisely and remember this is probably the last time you will ever need to pack your bags yourself. Maybe in a few years’ time you will all be married and your future wives will probably do the packing for you, so putting a little effort for the final time in your life should not be too difficult.

Now that you know what could go wrong on a stag do, let us help you prevent those problems. With years of experience we guarantee your stag party will be nothing like the events you have just read about. 

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