Water Activities in Slovenia

Spice up your stag party with some adrenaline-inducing activities on the water.
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Blog Published December 7, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

Are you a group of friends wanting to organize the most memorable stag do, but are not only into drinking and partying? Then Slovenia is just a place for you, as it offers great outdoor activities, where you and your friends can truly create memories for life.

So what makes Slovenia so wonderful, unbelievable and totally different from other stag do destinations? Well, water. Water on a stag do… Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of beer as well, but water, rivers and wonderful nature in Slovenia also add to the adventure. Of course, the locals everywhere say their rivers and lakes are the most beautiful, but in Slovenia there is a river called Soča, which is by far the most beautiful, so much so that it made its name in Hollywood. Did you know that The Chronicles Of Narnia were filmed here.

Here are some challenging water sports and activities you can choose from for the stag do.

To begin with, the magnificent scenery in Slovenia is just perfect for rafting.

If you feel like rafting isn’t getting the adrenalin going enough, then try hydrospeed. This will surely be one stag do you won’t forget. 

soca river activity for stag do
Hydrospeed on the white waters of Slovenia

Canyons, gorges, natural slides and even waterfalls. An experienced guide can turn the stag weekend into a real water adventure.

They say a man’s cave becomes a threat to the marriage or vice versa. To prevent this from happening to your friend getting married, learn this valuable lesson inside an actual cave. But since boys will be boys, even after they get married, this stag do activity isn’t just another sight-seeing destination. Go cave kayaking.

Still not enough water activities? Then try out the most fun water sport there is – wakeboarding. See who is the best and who will sink the second they get on water.

Forget a boring tour guide on a tour bus! Enjoy the luxury of paddling through Ljubljana and go sight-seeing like never before. Honestly, in how many capital cities can you just SUP your way around? 

ljubljana sup
SUP down the slow streaming Ljubljanica 
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Water Activities in Slovenia

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