Top 10 Popular Activities for a Stag Do in Slovenia

Check out the most popular ones for our country that have never disappointed our customers.
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Blog Published December 7, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

When you finally decide on your stag do destination, your next job is to decide on the activities that will keep you entertained at all times.

1. Pub crawl

A guided nightlife tour where you get a fun guide to entertain your group of friends at your stag party, introduce you to drinking games and give you shots. A stag will receive a special challenge list that needs to be completed by the end of the night, which makes the night even more epic! See the video of one such bachelor party by clicking on the video click embed video.

2. White water rafting

Imagine spending the day on one of the most beautiful rivers on the planet in a raft with your friends, attending your stag party trip. Paddle like a team, party like a team! 🙂

stag activity rafting
Rafting stag do

3. Paintball

Men don’t grow up, they just advance to bigger toys. An awesome source of adrenaline at your stag party is when you finally get the opportunity to get back at your friends for all those pranks and jokes they might have caused you. And when to do it if not now at your bachelor party when you still have the chance to run around with a toy gun like carzy, without having to listen to your wife about how childish this actually is.

4. Canyoning

The stag party trip consists of a descent through canyons, gorges and navigating natural obstacles such as natural slides and waterfalls from which you plunge into blue pools filled with crystal clear water. It’s a breath-taking experience that you will remember for ever!

“Canyoning at a stag party.”

canyoning for bachelor
Insane canyoning with your friends at a stag party

5. Karting

Indoor racing in go-karts with a timer counting your every lap. It doesn’t get any better that that at your stag do. Forget about speed limits and speeding tickets, put the pedal to the metal and burn rubber around the track.

6. Beer tasting

Hop on board and experience the taste of the local Slovenian craft beer produced by the very best Slovenian micro-breweries. You will visit a pub where our local beer expert will introduce you into the world of Slovenian craft beer in a fun & entertaining way. He will be able to tell you more about the production, appearance, aroma, flavour, mouth feel and alcohol content. A must try for both beer experts and beer lovers that would like to try and learn more about our very best local beers. So grab a glass of beer with your stag do friends.

beer drinking stag do ljubljana
Beer drinking on a stag do

7. Skiing & snowboarding 

Slovenia offers activities even for the winter enthusiasts. With a ski centre only 30 minutes away from Ljubljana, you can enjoy a full day of skiing, return to the city for a dinner and party, and do it all in the same day. Want to do something really crazy at your stag do? You can try out the slopes on a bike! 

8. Shooting course 

Before becoming a real man, holding a proper gun in your hand is a must. At the bachelor parties we organise you have the change to attending a shooting course and hold 3 different ones – small caliber, 9mm and a revolver. The stag gets to shoot with a shotgun too!

9. Cave kayaking & cycling 

Kayaking: You will be paddling through a flooded underground mine while admiring incredible underground lakes. First you will board a genuine mining train which will take you deeper into the mine and in the end you will take a walk past the abandoned underground working sites to the mining train station.

Cycling: A guide will lead your bicycle tour thought abandoned mine tunnels. Don’t worry – you will be in good hands and equipped with helmets and flashlights.

“Stag party in a mine.”

mine cycling slovenia
Want something different? Choose mine cycling for your stag do trip

10. Football 

Other than goal celebrations, championships and meaningful victories, there’s always a time and place off the field where a team can truly bond.
Combine the love for the game and that competitive drive with your team mates before heading out for a night of drinks and laughter.

indoor football ljubljana
Be the football champion of your stag party

As you can see there are numerous activities available and we know it’s hard to choose from all these options. That’s why we’re here: to help you figure out what is your kind of a stag party and make it an absolutely amazing experience! For more details check our website here.

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