Skiing, Snowboarding and Snowbiking in Slovenia

There are many prestige Ski resorts in countries like France and Switzerland that only tend to wealthier individuals - that is not the case in Slovenia!
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Blog Published December 7, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

This country is a hidden gem, yet to be discovered by the masses. If you’re in search of an affordable but adventurous activity, skiing, snowboarding or snow biking – Stag weekend package in Slovenia during the winter is a must. You will experience something different, something none of your friends ever had and we assure you it’ll be worth it.

stag ski weekend slovenia
Ski Slope at Krvavec

Ski resort Krvavec is a centre of numerous winter and summer sports activities only 25 kilometres or 30 minutes from Ljubljana and 8 kilometres from Brnik. Apart from it being easily accessible, there is a whole lot the centre has to offer. The extremely affordable prices (2 euro beer, cheap tickets and equipment rentals) are a big plus. And just think of the breathtaking scenery you will get to see and experience. At 1450 to 1971m of altitude you’ll notice beautiful pine trees covered in snow that resemble weeping willows, clean air, 30km of world class slopes, the capacity to entertain 4500 people and a friendly and welcoming English speaking staff. Not to mention, according to past customers, you are more than likely to meet some pretty girls!

stag weekend snowbike
Snowbikers ready do descend

We also provide lessons for first-timers and beginners! There’s a variety of red and black slopes with quite a few easy (blue-marked) slopes as well, along with some of the best teachers in Europe! Just be sure to let us know before so we can make all arrangements.
That being said, we should warn you, our country is small and therefore cannot compete with Swiss or Italian ski centres. That fact has not proved to be a problem yet, however if you have any highly skilled skiers in your group, let them know that the longest slope is only 1.1 km long.

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Skiing, Snowboarding and Snowbiking in Slovenia

This country is a hidden gem, yet to be discovered by the masses. If you’re in search of an affordable but adventurous activity,...
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