Ljubljana for a Stag Do?

Here are 11 reasons why you should choose Ljubljana as your stag party destination.
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Blog Published December 7, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

Okay, your friend has finally found the love of his life and will soon start to behave like an adult (even though you still feel like the two of you have just finished high school). To get the most of his last few days of freedom, you are going to want to throw a great stag do! We assume you want it to be a great, unforgettable experience with hip parties, hot girls, nice weather and at reasonable prices. If so, Ljubljana is the top destination to do so.

stag party ljubljana castle
A view of Ljubljana’s town center 

1. Freshness, youth, uniqueness.

It’s not that we don’t like Eastern European party destinations like Prague and Budapest, but don’t you think they’re a bit worn out to be your stag do destination? Why not try something new for your friend’s (hopefully) very once in a lifetime experience? Although many people may not know much about Ljubljana, we are sure that will change within a few years. Don’t miss your chance to be the coolest best man!

2. Girls. Hot girls.

Wandering the streets of Ljubljana, shopping, sitting in bars or partying hard; I’d say girls here are 10/10 hot. Fact. No convincing needed. Come see for yourself, or even better, come see it with a bunch of your friends (but we suggest doing it before you start wearing your wedding rings).

3. Undiscovered capital = low prices!

Although Ljubljana has all the capital city features, prices here are still relatively low when it comes to stag partying. If you don’t have millions in your bank account but still want to throw a real stag do without thinking about prices, Ljubljana is the destination you are looking for.

4. Stunning nature with crazy outdoor activities

Slovenia offers eye-catching nature and after a crazy night of partying there’s nothing like spending the day outdoors. Ever tried rafting or canyoning? Why not at your stag do. In Slovenia, here we have many natural parks, nice weather and beautiful rivers. Take a day off and soak up some sun while having fun rafting in the Soča valley!

stag do ljubljanica
Kayaking on river Ljubljanica

5. Low-cost flights from all over Europe!

Flights from London to Ljubljana are extremely cheap. Pay less for the plane ticket and save money for the things that matter more in terms of stag party expectations. It’s always wiser to invest in wild stag do memories with friends rather than paying expensive fee’s for multiple airlines! Do we need to mention that the airport is located less than a 30 minute drive from Ljubljana?

6. No public transport needed also means no taxi issues after the stag party

I enjoy public transportation. Said no-one ever, regardless of how drunk they are after a wild stag party. Crowded buses and smelly underground stations in huge capitals are not only time consuming, but also money consuming. Waiting on a taxi after a night of partying can turn into a nightmare. The good news is that in Ljubljana you won’t need a taxi service! All the main tourist attractions are within walking distance from your accommodation in the city centre!

7. Too small to be dangerous, big enough to be appealing to you!

Comparing Ljubljana to other EU capitals the city is extremely safe. You won’t have to worry about your jacket or wallet being stolen during parties. People here are extremely nice and always willing to help; even the taxi drivers! Not to mention the English language skills of the locals, which will surely surprise you in a good way!

8. Food.

Did you know that the neighbouring countries are Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Italy? Have you heard about the famous Italian pizza, gelatto and the oh-so-tasty Balkan dishes like “burek” and “čevapčiči”? Fortunately Slovenians took the best of them and this is why we would recommend trying the famous Kranjska sausage and other unique dishes! Ever heard about pizza-burek? Rumours say that its origin is from Slovenia, a great mix of Balkan and Italian impact!

pork tanderloin with struklji
Traditional Slovenian Plate with Tenderloin Pork and Štruklji 

9. It’s all about beer!

We have beer of course and many pubs where you have a wide selection so you can beer taste like a pro. Not only do we have many home brewed beers from local brewers, but we also have the traditional rivalry between two established brands: Union and Laško. Try them out on the stag do, join the rivalry and choose a side!

10. Picturesque and lively city centre

The city centre is alive! We are not talking about crowded shopping streets with famous stores like H&M, Zara and Starbucks. We are talking about many bars and restaurants near the Ljubljanica river and about people enjoying life with the view of the city! There is no need to hurry, just sit down, order your favourite drink (or two, or three) and relax. Nothing to worry about, you’re spending your time at the hottest stag do destination of the year!

11. Cheap!

In comparison to other major capitals on this side of Europe it is safe to say that Ljubljana has very cheap prices! The price of alcohol, club entry fees, taxi services and food are all very affordable.

Update: A lot of people were asking us if Ljubljana is also a great destination for a wedding. For wedding we recommend Lake Bled even more and it’s less than 1 hour drive away!

More info at weddinglakebled.com.

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