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How to get to Ljubljana and how much does it cost

(from UK, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium)

Organising a stag party it’s not that easy as it seems. If you decide to have a stag week in a foreign country, you need to organise the whole trip including the transfer. When it comes to transfer itself, it depends on where you are going and which kind of transportation is the cheapest, easiest and fastest. You can decide between travelling by car, bus, train or nonetheless - by plane.

Travelling from:

1. UK
If you are from UK, the easiest way to get to Ljubljana is by plane. It is the fastest and the cheapest way. One of the airline companies flies directly to Ljubljana airport. And the cost? In low season the return flight tickets are from 25€/per person.

2. Italy
As Italy is our bordering country, the best option is travelling by car. If you don’t have a car - train or bus are also an option. The costs for coming to Slovenia by car would be around 180€ for both ways, by train combined with bus around 90€/per person and by bus only 60€/per person.

3. Austria
Another bordering country, the same option like for Italy. Costs for travelling by car are around 100eur for both ways, bus 50eur/per person and train around 120eur/per person.

4. Germany
Germany isn’t that close to travel by car, so the best and easiest way is to go by plane. You will be charged from 150€ and up. If you don’t like flying, travel by train is the next solution. For 12 hours you will have to pay from 90€ and up.

5. Switzerland
If you are from Switzerland and you want to come to Ljubljana as quick as possible, then choose to travel by plane. It’s not the cheapest option, but it’s the quickest one. If you don’t like to fly, travelling by train will take up to 13 hours. Flight tickets are from 230€, train tickets 150€.

6. France
Definitely go with plane. There are also other options, but the journey would last for too long and would make you too tired to party hard in Ljubljana. You should consider coming by plane and tickets cost around 100€.

7. Belgium
Last but not least, is travelling from Belgium. Travelling by plane is the best solution and the tickets cost around 90€/per person.

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