15 Pranks & Challenge Ideas for the Stag

It wouldn't be a stag do if the stag doesn't get pranked or an embarassing challenge, so here are our tips on how to do it.
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Blog Published December 7, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

1. Tape him to a tree or a lamp post

Use a few rolls of duct tape and tie him up well to a tree or lamp post. Next, tape a drink with a straw around his chest so he can keep himself busy for the time being. Leave him for up to an hour while you and your mates go grab a few beers. In the meantime, he is required to collect a certain amount of kisses or cash in order to pay for your beers.

2. The “Your fiance is here”

One of our favorite pranks is to place a blow up doll in the stag’s bed and to notify him that while he was out, his fiance came to surprise him. The expression on his face when he realizes that it’s only a doll filled with air is priceless!

3. Early morning wake up calls

No one likes early morning wake up calls after a long night of partying, which is why this is perfect for the guys staying in other hotel rooms. Just make sure they don’t know it is you!

4. Water shots

When the stag has had a few drinks, give him the best placebo of all…a water shot. The psychological backing on this is interesting considering there have been times when one thinks they are receiving alcohol and immediately starts to act out the effects of taking the shot (pretending to be more drunk). Be sure to pass him a non-alcoholic drink as soon as he finishes the “alcohol shot” so he doesn’t notice the ‘not so strong’ taste. 😛

5. The “You were drunk and got a tattoo”

Another good trick is to place high quality temporary tattoos on passed out mates only to see their reactions in the morning when they find a ridiculous girly tattoo somewhere on their body!

6. Clown make-up

As soon as the stag falls asleep, have some fun on his face using womans make-up. A good idea is to paint his fingernails in different colors and plaster lipstick on his face resembling a clown. Be sure to take lots of pictures for memories!

7. Water puzzle
When the stag or a party member passes out in one room, place a significant amount of cups filled to the brim with water all around him. When he wakes up, he will have no choice but to either drink or spill water to get out of the room. It takes some time to prepare this prank, but it is definitely worth the effort!

8. Midget or an oversized stripper

Most bachelors look forward to the fun and games with hot strippers. There really is nothing like seeing the groom’s face when a midget stripper or a fat stripper enters the room to perfomr their magic instead!

midget for hire
Mini Batman!

9. Hot toothpaste

When no one is around, squirt some hot-sauce or wasabi into someone’s toothpaste and mix it around with a q-tip. Talk about bad breath!

10. Stripper Hitch Hiker

This is a great prank idea if you guys are traveling with a motor home. Have a female stripper wait on the side of a road dressed as a maid, security, or any form of service provider to enter the group and start the show.

11. Dirty Underwear

Another fun joke is to travel with some chocolate to the party and when the stag passes out, place the chocolate behind his underwear and let it melt during the night. This will leave him with a nice surprise the next morning.

12. The fake bungee

Tell the stag he is going bungee jumping. After that, blindfold him and take him to a small lake or to your backyard and place a small plastic pool filled with water in front of him. Tie ropes around his body and make him think you are actually preparing him for the jump. Build anticipation using the rest of the groomsmen and don’t forget to laugh when he makes the leap!

13. Chained To His Woman

When the stag isn’t paying attention or is passed out early for the night, handcuff him to a naked blow up doll! Let him know he can only have the key once he completely dresses the doll in women’s clothing. This will force to go out and talk women into giving him their clothes! (This also makes a great game to play during the night of the stag party).

14. The groom kidnap

Kidnap the groom by surprise in public – or pay someone they don’t know to do it. Just be sure to let everyone around think it’s a real kidnapping!

15. The “Fake a break”

After the groom is drunkenly fast asleep plaster one of his limbs as if it was broken. When he wakes the next day, come up with a befitting story to explain the break.

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