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6 things to look out for when throwing a STAG DO

1.Make sure the stag is always the center of attention
Let say you’ve just met a group of nice girls. Congratulations but now is not the time for deep conversations and romancing. Ask the group of girls for their help and quickly introduce them to the stag. Kindly ask the girls to help you with the stag challenges while you guys help by encouraging or sabotaging the stag, it’s up to you!

2. Make sure he is always active
He should always either be completing challenges or participating in activities. Also he should never be bored or in his comfort zone! Now would be the perfect time to make his night more difficult with hilarious challenges and uncomfortable situations. This way he’ll finally get a taste of what he’s getting himself into!

3. Never let the stag get too comfortable
Remember, it is your responsibility for the stag to have an unforgettable night! Make sure it’s not just another dull night out with the boys! It is important to spice things up a little with challenges and games while still making sure you’re not taking it too far. He does have to survive until the wedding!

4. Make sure you all feel comfortable around each other
Sometimes you party with your home crew and sometimes you don’t. A stag do can be one of those times when you have to socialise and get to know new people or acquaintances. To avoid any awkwardness, organise a pleasant get together before the stag do and make sure you all know each other well enough to feel comfortable doing the craziest shit together.

5. Make sure the stag stays conscious
You prepared all these games and challenges for the stag and you know you have to get him drunk to even start completing them. That is certainly expected but be careful not to cross the line causing the stag to end his night early.

6. All for one and one for all
After a long night/day of drinking, one of your crew members might find it difficult to continue partying with you. If you have a friend that is known for his over-drinking make sure it doesn’t happen this time! You travel together, party together and leave together at a stag do. You should also make sure you have enough time to rest the next morning to cure your hangover. It is important that you help each other and work as a team and most of all - get home safe.

All for one & one for all!
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