10 Games for the Stag

Best ways of keeping your stag busy and entertained at all times.
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Blog Published December 7, 2022
Edited April 26, 2024

1. Beer pong
Two teams, a long table, lots of beer and a ping pong ball. Definitely one of the most popular drinking games that you guys just have to try. The team that manages to hit all of the opposing team’s glasses wins!

2. Russian roulette
Buy a few cans of beer and shake one of them really hard. Now place the shaken beer can back between the rest of them and mix them up. Now each one of you chooses one of the beers and places it on your head while opening it with the other.

stag do beer game
Can you guess which one is going to explode?

3. Pantomime/charades
Play the game using a stopwatch. For every 20 seconds that you need, to guess the word, make 1 sip of your drink.

4. Never drink alone
The main rule of the night is: to never drink your own drink, but always someone else’s. Switch around, so you are always drinking from someone else and not from the same person.

5. No identity
During that night it is forbidden to call out a person by their name, last name or nick name. Whoever breaks the rule, has to complete a challenge, that is set by the person who’s name was called.

6. The counting game
Come up with the first random word and use it to replace a random number between 1-21. (For example: 4 = pyjamas). Then start counting from the beginning and each player comes up with a word as well. Make sure everybody uses the newly assignes words instead of the numbers. The game ends when there are no more numbers left, only newly assigned words.

7. Waxing (Wax on, wax off)
Get some waxing strips at the local drug store. In case any of you fails to complete an assigned challenge or if the majority of the group agrees that some waxing needs to take place, have a girl place and remove one of the strips on a body part of your choice!

8. The tag game
Last time you played this was probably in the kindergarden, but since its been so long you might as well try to do it again! We suggest you guys sit down and form a circle and one of you starts by walking around the circle and giving away “sips”. He can also decide and order someone to do a shot. In that case the one who was given the order has to either get up and try to catch the other person or do a shot in case he is unsuccessful in catching him.

9. The fast and clumsy
Each player gets 2 glasses and 1 spoon. One glass is filled with alcohol, the other one empty. Set the stopwatch to one minute and begin the countdown while you guys compete who will be able to get the most into the other glass using his spoon. What remains in the glass after 1 minute, you have to drink!

10.Watch out for the crocodile!
Whenever someone yells “crocodile” you all have to lie down on the floor. The one who is the slowest to do so, pays for the round. You can only use the word once!

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10 Games for the Stag

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