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Stag do ideas for autumn in Slovenia

Celebrating stag do in autumn has its advantages and disadvantages. As it’s still warm outside, you can mostly do all the outdoor activities, including some water sports! If you don’t like hot summer water, canyoning would be one of the activities where you would feel the fresh water :) If you want to observe the beauty of the nature, then rafting is the great experience, where you can admire it. Not just water sports are an option for autumn outdoor activity, where you can see the most beautiful rivers, mountains… If you aren’t a lover of water sports, but still love adrenaline, then try zip-line. You will get a bird’s eye view of the wonders of the inaccessible canyon as you will sail across the steel cables stretched above the stunning cliffs, gorgeous rapids, roaring waterfalls and pristine pool over the Soča valley.

Besides that, one of the most beautiful cities in Slovenia is Bled, which is famous by having its own island. After summer sledging on the nearest hill you should explore the city: walk around the lake, admire the castle at night and try the cake Bled’s famous for - Kremšnita.

Stunning view of Bled lake

Outdoor activities are just one of the advantages for an autumn stag do. What is even better is that it’s not that crowded than in summer. And the flight tickets are cheaper as well :)

You have a variety of other activities to choose from on your stag do. If you’d rather be on the ground, or better under, then try cave kayaking. You will paddle through a flooded underground mine while admiring incredible underground lakes. You can even cycle through abandoned cave mines, if you prefer cycling.

If you like wine, this time of the year is the perfect for wine tour. A walk through beautiful vineyards, while tasting good slovenian wine and admiring the nature with remarkable view of the valley.

Wine Barrels as part of the Wine Tour

Mostly all of the activities are possible in autumn. Just some of them can’t be done, as the water or air are too cold. One of the disadvantages is also that days are shorter and nights longer and colder.

But you can still do some indoor activities in the city centre. Almost all are walking distance, which means that you won’t need any transfer :)

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