10 challenges for the stag

You've been assigned to be the best man and you're looking for ideas on how to make the stag party even more awesome? We are here to supply you with challenges that will leave the Stag feeling embarrassed and make you laugh while turning your stag party into an unforgettable experience. All you have to do now is have fun, enjoy and if you’re lucky, you guys just might earn some cash along the way too!

1. Kisses, kisses, kisses
The stag should get as many kisses from as many girls as possible while wearing a T-shirt that says: “I’m getting married, kiss me on the cheek; last chance for a kiss“. Don’t forget to bring a dark red lipstick so the kisses are extra visible!

2. The lonely sailor
For this challenge you will need an inflatable boat, a pair of underwear and water balloons. Get the idea? Good! Let the stag float around in the boat while the boat is tied to a near-by bridge or a tree. Tell him to look miserable and in this way help you to collect as much money as possible. As soon as he is on the water start selling your already filled water balloons to people that pass-by and use the stag for target practice!

3. Everything has to go!
Get a pair of XXXL grandma style underwear and tie it to a stick so it forms a bag and stuff it with random objects. The stag has to prove himself as a persuasive salesman and sell all the objects!

4. The car wash
Find a crowded parking lot or a gas station where the stag will be on duty. He has to convince the drivers to let him wash their windshield using his chest while wearing a bikini over his clothes.

5. Underwear
The stag has to collect at least 3 pairs of underwear from random people on the street and as a proof take pictures with the underwear.

6. The cleaning lady
Dress the stag up as a cleaning lady, place him on the street with a broom and let him sweep his way through, while collecting donations for his good work.

7. A cheap “spray in the mouth”
Why not let others have some fun too? Get a water gun and fill it with your preferred booze. Walk around town and get as many people as possible to buy your “cheap spray in the mouth”.

8. Bride no. 2
Find a girl named exactly like the stag’s fiancé. The groom has to take a picture with her and buy her a drink!

9. Body shot
The stag has to find a willing female volunteer that will drink a body shot off him!

10. The virgin
This is a great way for the stag to work on his acting and persuasive skills! Get him to convince a random person that his future bride is still a virgin and that he is really worried about it. He wins the challenge if the stranger buys him a drink.

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